Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Update Quatro

Alright, a new week a new update!

I decided to do these on Tuesdays as Monday seems to be the default, so let's be different!

First part of this week's update;
Here's some more music for your ears! This is the main menu music for Godwind

On to the second part of the update!

Today's location coverage will cover the "Wispy Woods" This area is located before "Liverock Caverns" and after "Spirit's Grotto" (That's for next week!)

Wispy Woods is a bit darker than it sounds, the reason for the naming is that the souls of people in purgatory are attracted to this place due to the powerful magical radiance of the Spirit who resides here, mistaking it for the "Light" these Wisps wander the woods confused, lost and slowly forgetting who and what they were. These Wisps are intended to be quite unpredictable, some may attack, some might attack other Wisps, some may just be rambling to themselves.  The Wispy Woods is a cruel end for any soul who dies here, they won't enter an afterlife and will be doomed to wander.

That's  the story out of the way, now let's get down to brass tacks.

The Wispy Woods is an introductory area where the player will learn to move, interact with the environment, attack and learn that in Godwind there's more than one route to a destination and that exploration might yield an interesting path or two.

That's about it for the update this week.
Next week I'll cover the Spirit Grotto and accompanying soundtrack.

Before I leave you, if anyone is interested in helping with the development of Godwind, just leave a comment with Steam or an email at which I can reach you, along with what you think you could contribute.

Thanks for reading this week's update!


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