Thursday, 25 August 2016

Fresh Attempt

Hi there- a while back I began development on this project with the hopes making the game I've wanted to play. Things happened, it didn't work out, it happens.

Godwind was never cancelled, only shelved.

 Well, now I can tell you with a smile - Godwind is back in development! For now.

I have finally gotten a hold of an engine that's intuitive to use, tailored to what I need, open-source (eventually) and it's looking like the one. I can't currently show you pictures, yet, as the UI is placeholder and since it's hard-coded and the engine is closed-source until development reaches 1.0 (I'm confident it will reach that far.)

Suffice it to say, I spent a solid 8 hours drawing up a castle tileset yesterday, so that I can start mapping a town with the current house and furniture assets I have.

Keep your eyes peeled, I will definitely provide a follow up post as I move forward with this project, hopefully I can show something to you by the end of the weekend, if not next week at the latest.

I'll be leaving my old posts however those ideas are no longer relevant for the initial tutorial area, though I plan on bringing these areas into the game in the future. I've decided instead to begin the player in the woods, heading through a small cave and emerging into the large town area.


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