Thursday, 17 July 2014

Update Dos

Update time folks.

Okay, so I mentioned before that we already had some tracks.

So here's something for your ears!

This track is for the first village the player will  encounter called "Shybrooke" - Shybrooke is a small village with dirt paths and is bordered on one side by a small brooke and toll bridge and the other by a mountain.

The player will have to earn gold in a few various ways to afford the toll fee. This will move us on to the next part in today's update - the place you'll  be "grinding", completing kill and collect quests or farming the first boss from level 1-8 of the game .

In the previous update I also mentioned that I was working on a cave tileset - progress on this has been slow going as I've been working on art assets for another game as a commission.

I will be explaining more about the first location that requires cave tiles.

This location is called "Liverock Cavern" -  In this place is a central large cavern with two or three small "arms" coming off of it - Each arm will serve a purpose, Entry, Exit and Introductory Boss.

The NPCs inhabiting this cave will be essentially rocks, in numerous different shapes, sizes and naturally strengths. You'll find it tough to move through this cavern the first few times until  you know which rocks are actually alive. I've decided that the names of these creatures shall be "Stalag Mites" - I know, GENIUS.

Obviously I'd like to make the game challenging. So naturally  I  have a rather entertaining little trick that will force new players to subconsciously meander into the maws of the game's first boss, which has been named the "Stalag Mite Queen", a large seemingly lifeless boulder with a few nasty tricks and a defined tactic to winning that won't be explained. Capable of  self-healing this boss WILL require a party.

Alot of information for this update.

That's it for today and the location of "Liverock Cavern", stay turned for more updates every 2-3 days from here onwards.

Best Regards~

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