Monday, 21 July 2014

Update Trois

A day late, but that's because as I was writing this post, my computer lost connection to the internet so I said to myself "Screw it, bed time" and turned off my computer.
Okay, now on with the show!
Today's information update will tell you about the "Timid Fields" and provide another song from the soundtrack.
Here's the song for your listening pleasure whilst you read;

Timid Fields is a location nestled between "Liverock Cavern" and "Shybrooke". These are the fields where the farmers of Shybrooke grow their main crop, known as Timids.

Timids are a plant in our world based on a combination of the Potato and the Mimosa pudica, otherwise known as the Makahiya or Shy Plant. When you touch this plant, the leaves pull themselves in to avoid damage to the plant's ability to gather sunlight, I've provided an example video here.

I mentioned it was combined with a potato right? Yep. It'll be called a Timato. (What does he mean?) I mean you'll be able to harvest/gather the plant as if it were a resource, another possible way for you to earn money for crossing the toll bridge to town.

Anyway, back to the area itself - The Timid Fields area will be somewhat of a crossroads that will allow the player to choose a direction and start their journey. (I never said you had to pay the toll, did I?) Players should be wary though, the road might seem friendly at first but danger could be anywhere.

The Timid Fields are a low level training area for gathering and combat with some small pest creatures you'll be asked to kill by the local farmers and the area itself will be the largest you've heard about up until this point, comprised of multiple maps.

I think that's all for Timid Fields.

One last thing in this update-

I've been back and forward with the main composer quite a bit over the past few days and I feel we're finally making headway on a solid menu theme.

In hindsight every few days might be a poor choice of update regularity given the early development status of the game, so I think we'll make it weekly rather than every few days, at least for now.

And with that that's the end of today's update!

Thanks for reading the blog!

Best Regards~

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