Saturday, 27 August 2016

#001 - The New Godwind

Hey folks!

Today I'd like to give you a brief on where exactly Godwind is going and what the general timeframe is.

So, Godwind is a world set in the sky on floating islands and continents.

The back story of Godwind is that in the Old World, something happened that made the Goddess weep until her tears drowned the world, mages and others called "Heroes" used their power to raise up areas of the land in an attempt to save what they could. These lands are kept floating by the magical power imbued into the rocks and dirt from the mages and Heroes of old, their power is fading very slowly over time, causing the lands to erode and crumble at the edges and hundreds of years have passed since the flood of the Old World.

The player will take on a role of an agent of the Goddess- your character has no memory of how they came to be and will begin inside of a somewhat forgotten Goddess's Wayshrine located in the forest on the first continent of Duri.

A Wayshrine is usually in a cave or small traveller's temple alongside a road (or maybe something special based on location), when you make an offering at these, they will heal your battle wounds and save this location, you will respawn at whichever Wayshrine you last made an offering.

I've made some good progress this week (having restarted development three days ago) and have a decent amount of art to use as a base thanks to a guy called George. I'll be basing all of the art for Godwind on his foundation tilesets.

I will still be using the soundtrack as previewed below and have several other tracks I never posted to the blog.

In total, I believe I have enough assets (minus NPCs) to create 5-7 zones, this should cover the starting area, a town and another area. It should be ready way before Christmas- providing all goes well (it seldom does.)

My hope is to release a playable client before the end of the year, I will try to get as much done before then, however I'm not against releasing before everything is ready so long as there's enough content to reach level 5-10 and hopefully this will drum up some interest and attract some talent willing to work on the project to help me add even more content than I would have added alone for the active players.

My weekly goals are:

  • Map at least one area per week.
  • Draw at least a quarter of a tileset for the next area.
  • Draw at least two UI pieces.
  • Sprite and animate at least three NPCs.
  • Add at least three new items (icons & paperdoll) for the player to use.
  • Write one blog post at the end of the week discussing what I worked on and ramble about ideas- also show the area that was mapped.

If I stick to this, it will easily be playable within 2 months.

Keep checking the blog for updates. Every Saturday / Sunday.


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