Tuesday, 6 September 2016

#002 - Better Late than Never.

Hey folks,

So over the past week and a day since I last made a post, much has happened.

First of all- naming. It seems that I took so long to get this going, someone else who is a part of the same community as I am, has come up with a similar name for their project, I've also recently been thinking it's not a great name.

With that said I decided to use the name of another old project called Grand Eternia.

Alongside the name, other changes have been made, namely the starting zone. The starting area that I'd designed was way too small and linear. I want the player to step out into the world and want to explore immediately, so to contribute to the open-world feeling, the starting area has been changed. The player will now start at a small temple in the North-West of Nyube Woods, the Nyube Woods constitute the north-western most part of the Nyube Valley which exists along a mountain range.

Also, the story has somewhat changed- I was finding it hard to really make it apparent to the player that the world was floating and I've decided that this also limits what I can do in terms of world building, so now instead of it floating in the air and the world being flooded, the world /was/ flooded and takes place in a Legend of Zelda Windwaker-esque world.

I'll be using the existing art and music in Grand Eternia and come next Saturday, I will update the blog address and logo or create a new blog and link to it from here.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to make any actual progress (as far as developing gameplay) this week, as I'm currently facing a mapping/camera bug that will likely only be able to be fixed by deleting the database file that contains all of the maps (and everything else.)
So I'm hesitant to move forward on creating areas, items and monsters until the issue is resolved in the next update of the engine.

I've talked and discussed with someone who's interested in working on a project and we seem to share and want many of the same ideas, such as a fully interactable world and branching quests (some quests opening new areas and blocking off others, or opening new quests and blocking others) he's willing to join and map out the world as I create the art and work on getting my rusty programming back into operating shape.

Unfortunately since there has been no mapping progress I can't show you an area from the game, I know I said I'd do it every week, but nothing this week. Next week for sure, regardless I'll post an example of the Nyube Farmland.

Other News:

I sat and thought about what game it really is, that I want to play and surprisingly the game I wanted to play, wasn't Godwind or Grand Eternia.

I was messing around with a concept for an online Orthographic ORPG where you play as a General (starting out with 30 peasants) and eventually you'll work up to having a 25,000+ troop army. If you form an alliance or party, you could potentially command hundreds of thousands via other players.

I want the game to be about army management from the equipment your soldiers wear in each unit, to the unit experience, to keeping up a unit's morale by giving them alcohol or other luxuries and which officers you hire and recruit that will give passive bonuses and abilities for your units or army. Naturally it's an ORPG and you have a "character" - so your main character will be a General and you will be able to acquire gear for yourself also, including legendary "Great General" gear.

I've written out a design document and I have many ideas and features that come together to make something that I /really/ want to play. The game will be a mix between Dynasty Tactics gameplay (simplified to an extent) with the visuals of Advance Wars, set in a randomly generated medieval world, with roving AI armies.

The goal of the game will be to take over the generated world. This means wiping out every other player alliance and AI faction. Each AI faction will be controlled by a Great General and when the General is killed, the faction will be destroyed and any armies existing elsewhere will become Bandits and freely roam the world, attacking player castles, citadels and players.

Players will be able to construct castles to store their gear, build bridges and tunnels to traverse rivers and mountains, place bounties on other players at citadels, earn reputation with factions by destroying AI and players in other factions and if they're so inclined, create a player alliance, take over territory and build an alliance citadel from which to operate, though be careful, the bigger you are then the harder you will fall as if your citadel is conquered and held for a specific amount of time, your alliance will be disbanded.

It's a somewhat ambitious game, but I've already made a start on the art and with the design document written up, I've got a clear roadmap to where I want this to be. Once the engine I'm using for Grand Eternia is released, I can find help programming these features in (I have a bit of a programming background myself so with some help I can get there) since this game is almost entirely feature additions and modifications to the existing engine. It's not like Grand Eternia, in that Grand Eternia is having to create a whole library of art assets and music at a somewhat more difficult level.

I did complete my to do list last week (minus the mapped area), so I'll be sticking to that one again. For this week.

Thanks for reading-

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